Replica Alexander Wang Rockie Mini Pebbled Leather Duffel Bag

Street beat the “King” Replica Alexander Wang Handbags in the fashion industry was already a well-known designer, and in fact Alexander Wang family’s bags produced much, but pieces of fine. As another classic masterpiece IT bags, Alexander Wang Kirsten Satchel series is filled with a strong personal style, a high degree of discrimination, and very engaging. Star flash from the front and to the free flow model, socialite and even all kinds of crazy pursuit of high visibility, so Kirsten Satchel series of bags called a veritable street shooting of the “King” of the. Unique style, you can see, lazy romantic, cold straightforward, uninhibited avant-garde combination of Alexander Wang intriguing “King-style” sexy perfect interpretation from Alexander Wang Kirsten Satchel series, design, bags totally betrayed his own qualities: young, true potential and unique way of life.


Details of the US, Replica Alexander Wang Handbags this series of bags flagship “strappy” concept, the appearance of full lace, so a bit of a bold design is really rare in other brands! Surprisingly, but will not feel too disordered, you will feel a sense of very strong program. Modeling more neutral, with both men and women. To some extent, with the Roman shoes has the same purpose. Since taking the high road, pure quality suede material, ribbons and calfskin strap with full, thick and soft, choice of materials and workmanship effects are very praise. Alexander Wang consistent style that is practical impact, internal capacity is not great, only a bag, designed to be very simple, it is very simple and practical.


Replica Alexander Wang Bags coco duffel aka Rocco, 2009 launch, the red in early 2010 when, Alexander Wang Rockie Mini Pebbled Leather Duffel Bag Red Red to time almost weekly street shooting can see this bags. Alexander Wang bag of money is not much, but on almost every classic is considered, they are popular star of the influx of people’s favorite hot models and compared with sharp corners, has a powerful aura of large bags, so soft sheepskin bag to make themselves feel relaxed. Soft sheepskin material does not hold things in time, and does not occupy space, you need it, do not worry about no place to plug scarves gloves.

Bags today to bring you a taste of one of the recent explosion models — Replica Alexander Wang coco duffel Handbags. And angular, with a large bag powerful gas field compared to such soft sheepskin bag to make themselves feel relaxed. Soft sheepskin material does not hold things in time, and does not occupy space, you need it, do not worry about no place to plug scarves gloves. Can shoulder may be portable, single shoulder strap can be adjusted as well as bags, you can do the appropriate adjustments according to the length you need. Plus handle bag body height, the height of a magazine about the same. Bottom bronze rivet is not only decorative, but also well protected leather bag bottom to avoid wear and tear.


The bag material is a full sheepskin, texture is very special, and very wearable. Handle small, picked up very comfortable with the car line bags connection exquisite neat. Bag strap with the brand’s iconic clips and badges, the buckle on the outside of the whole Replica bag only Logo. Open the bag, there is no barrier, there can be placed inside of the side of the zipper bag change, the other side has two openings pocket. The next loaded magazine, after long wallet, cosmetic, nutritional medicine, candy, cream, keys, headphones and pack boxes of chewing gum, there is still much space left oh, really super can hold a bag.


Care / Cleaning
1. Do not impact or repeated friction, avoid any surface damage;
2. To prevent direct sunlight to prevent fading pattern;
3. If not, the collection is stored in the supplied dust band;
4. Keep dry, avoid direct contact with high temperature;
5. Avoid prolonged exposure to the pigment off easily materials (such as magazines, other leather, etc.), to prevent the transfer of its pigments, leather of any color stain very easily;
6. Grease and cosmetics may penetrate into the leather, so to avoid contact with the product;
7. When cleaning is required part of the fabric gently with a cloth or brush, clean with soap and water, avoid contact with the leather parts. When the leather part needs cleaning, wipe with a soft, dry cloth, do not use soap or solvent.


  • Quality - 90%
  • Price - 95%
  • Style - 85%
  • Practical - 90%
  • Space - 90%
  • Total Score 90%
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