Replica Burberry Trench Small Leather Top Handle Bag

High practical and wild, almost with all the clothes in the closet! Liu Wen cashmere cashmere coat with The DK88, looks more advanced, red and green fight color and Burberry coat is a perfect match! The DK88 most popular style is this ladies handle series handbags, it is inspired by the retro suitcase, each bag is tradesman hand-built, refused to streamline production.

This Replica Burberry Handbags Trench Small Leather Top Handle Bag, Light Pink leather is very special, made of Trench leather, the texture of this leather and Replica Burberry Bags trench coat weaving the same, that is made with Burberry core process is not a handbag After, Trench leather after polished, more modern sexy.

Replica Burberry Handbags

It is worth mentioning that the DK88 bag on the large lock! Metal coated on the replica bags tote is between the colors of gold and bronze, quite retro, with a keyhole lock a small key, the use of the principle of the push-lock opening and closing, the small circle click to call, So the girls do not have to worry about opening the replica bag tote is very troublesome, the practicality of this lock is not high, but a very nice decoration.

The DK88 series released for the first time, is to meet everyone in the Replica Burberry Handbags February series, it now seems not new, but it is irreplaceable classic British models! Whether it is a solid color or two-color or three-color color matching, each color, are with a strong retro feelings, each color with the likes of the high saturation color, and spell color design can collide with the outfit More sparks!

Replica Burberry Handbags

At the time of sale, this taffy solid color handbag was a limited edition in China and was only sold on the official WeChat account. However, Burberry’s online e-commerce function was not “used” in the Greater China region. Released in February after the classic series, in May this year, Replica Burberry Bags released a light-colored series, macarons one by one cream, see the heart of the people, the well-behaved girl can start, do not behave clever look clever Girl, you can start!

Light-colored series is more suitable for wearing light-colored girls, because it is more convenient to use, this replica bag tote is very good stereotypes, even after a long time there will be no folds, but the light-colored replica bag tote can not be dirty, clean up a bit trouble.

Replica Burberry Handbags

This bag also has your favorite crocodile skin material, priced at nearly 100,000, the material is made of short-crocodile and calfskin stitching made mentioning the heavier weight in the hand, probably the weight of money!

As a Burberry brand friend Zhou Dongyu, naturally, will not let this only Burberry popular models! She was wearing Burberry lace craft coat, with a medium color three-color fight The DK88, yellow duck instantly grow into a small swan! Do not think this replica bag tote is only one size, Zhou Dongyu was photographed holding the mini version of The DK88 at the airport, a small bag is concave shape weapon!

Replica Burberry Handbags

Gigi and her boyfriend also took the mini size out of the pink The DK88, the captain just wanted to say that cute little bag which is loaded with dog food it! In fact, this series is far more than just ladies handbags, as well as briefcases, doctor bags, bucket bag, bowling bag, travel bag, put a lot of painstaking efforts in this series, The DK88 has now become the most complete Burberry leather A series! This series is second only to the handbag is a briefcase.

This briefcase with the goods first place or Zhou Dongyu! She not only backs The DK88 series of handbags, she also took this series of men’s briefcase, your winter brother has been on the line! She wore lace inlay cotton artist dresses with leather wing tip Chelsea boots, this one-piece dress Yang Mi and many stars are worn, wearing the most eye-catching winter rain, because the black briefcase really extra points!


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