Replica Cactus De Cartier Bag

Replica Cartier Handbags launched the new Panthère de Cartier series of handbags in the spring and summer of 2022. The biggest highlight is the design of the bag button into the brand’s iconic “Panthère” shape. The handbag features a metal cheetah in the shape of the logo’s initial “C”; the chain bag is set with diamonds, emeralds and onyx on the cheetah buckle, showing the ingenious fusion of high jewelry and leather goods.

In 1914, Replica Cartier Bags launched a watch decorated with a cheetah pattern (Panther-pattern), using the black and white contrast of onyx and diamonds to imitate this natural pattern, since then “cheetah” has become a representative element of the brand. In 2014, Cartier launched the “Panthère de Cartier” jewelry collection to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the release of the Cheetah watch.

Replica Cartier Handbags

The most gorgeous of the new works is a chain Replica Cartier Handbags with a hollowed-out mesh body woven in gold, revealing a black calfskin inner pocket. The most delicate is the top buckle – the three-dimensional cheetah’s face is shaped in gold, laid out with sparkling diamonds, with emerald eyes and an onyx nose tip, which can be transformed into a brooch.

Replica Cartier Handbags

The highlight of the tote Replica Cartier Bags is the buckle – the use of golden metal to create a three-dimensional image of a cheetah, the body naturally extends into an arc posture, just like the initial letter “C” of the logo, reminiscent of the majestic image of a cheetah’s arched back; the body of a cheetah Embellished with black enamel, the natural leopard print is simply presented.

Replica Cartier Handbags

Minimalist and neat, the Replica Cartier Handbag has a roughly trapezoidal appearance, with slightly curved lines on the flap and bottom, adding a touch of feminine grace. The bag features a two-chamber accordion structure and features a thoughtful vanity mirror.

The small size is “18 high x 21 wide x 8 deep cm”, with upright arched handles and detachable and adjustable shoulder straps. Introduced in cherry red, emerald green, and black calfskin material versions, it has a light and elegant style of working women.

Replica Cartier Handbags

The mini size is “15 high x 18.5 wide x 8 deep cm”, and the most special one is a pale pink version. The buckle is made of silver-finished metal, which looks elegant and fresh.


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