Replica Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag

Replica Chanel bag in front of the buttons, square buckle or double C logo, the other is the shoulder strap, leather wrapped metal clip or the main difference is completely metal chain, and Classic Flap 2.55 and 2.55 of the chain top with lettering and ancient ancient gold and silver, and the other person feels very retro, on the design of these two elements, I feel no great difference from the bag style, but the view from the elements on the bag, chanel2.55 Chanel bag and more noble retro, is precious for successful women choose an uncompromising luxury.

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Various versions, that is, four permutations and combinations of these two elements, square metal buckle with a leather strap, the deduction is fully equipped with metal chain, double C buckle with metal straps leather, double C clasp with full metal chain. I remember two years ago out of the Chanel 2.55 Reissue, is fully equipped with side buckle metal chain. classic flap style looks relatively new, because on the one hand chanel2.55 fusion of classic retro elements, but on the other hand with a new stylish and innovative design elements, and the other classic flap more younger, in fact, Classic Flap design from chanel 2.55, so many people still prefer the classic flap called the new chanel2.55.

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Always something new and give you a feeling of light, like that of several novel chanel2.55 Classic flap flip Chanel chain bag, such as crystal like shiny new color elegant  Replica Chanel Classic flap chain bag, in addition to every girl beyond all recognition extremely elegant, bright as crystal, like patent leather chanel original texture, beautiful crystal exclusive patent leather bag has several new color, call your heart, put it down! If you’ve always dreamed of, if you have not been a bed of roses Chanel bag, the New Year back home do not miss another brighten your Chanel bag. Very popular color this year, than other women to feel the full sense of the natural flavor, Chanel Jumbo double cover lavender cow leather handbags Chanel chain bag 36097XPY, double cover Chanel Jumbo Chanel bag, beauty bag exclusive limited edition.

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N times being shared is this brown patent leather Replica Chanel bag, shiny leather is not really the same as crystal bright tempting it, anytime, anywhere with the same qualities as the stars and glamor, Classic flap bag brown elegant crystal chain patent leather Chanel bag 1112 / 1113ZQY, yes it is from this beautiful bag overseas custom boutique Chanel bag, original imported Italian leather quality, compared favorably counters quality, in addition to quality, Classic flap also has superior fashion sense and taste, is also ultimately attractive price. 2.55 meaning that it was born in February 1955. In February of that year, Miss coco introduced a simple and elegant design of the package, the package body decorated with diamond quilting technique Plaid, and the golden chain bag belt so that women often need to get rid of the past holding handbags inconvenient on activities, sought after by many people, is known as the “2.55.”


2.55 In 1955, after the advent of the evolution of a variety of extended models, which will be familiar classic lozenge bag, with lozenge car line, metal wear leather chain belt, double C logo lock, has been regarded as 2.55 the classic extension models, has also been nicknamed “2.55.” Karl Lagerfeld after the helm Chanel, worships money and comply with prevailing atmosphere, 2.55 make improvements, understated the deduction becomes reveal the identity of the double C logo. Still later, the emergence of a variety of versions, that is, four permutations and combinations of these two elements, square metal buckle with a leather strap, the deduction is fully equipped with metal chain, double C clasp with leather strap metal, complete with double C clasp metal chain.

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