Replica Fendi Kan I Balck Leather Shoulder Bag

Fendi, which crossed the door of the century, is known for its glamorous and sensationality. It is always the same in the impression. Replica Fendi Handbags new spring/summer 2017 bag is still beautiful and beautiful. In addition to the Peekaboo and DotCom classic models, the new Fendi Kan I Stripe Leather Shoulder Bag Tan-Multi is also added. The most eye-catching, it uses a pink candy color, stunning embroidery and a Japanese-style ribbon and a colorful flowerbed to make this season’s handbags full of romance and surprise.

The spring and summer show is a blockbuster all-new bag Kan I, which has a pink candy color, stunning embroidery, Japanese ribbons and colorful flower buds. The corners are wave-cut and the value is super high. This modern Rococo girl has developed a record, so the sweet and beautiful appearance of the light has been a girl’s heart, and the innocent taste has brought infinite embarrassment to life.

Replica Fendi Handbags

The latest fashion scene has been dominated by Replica Fendi Bags Kan I, a new favorite of the Fendi family. The bag is a rectangular, quadrilateral bag with a gemstone fastening bolt in the middle and a long slip chain chain shoulder strap that allows for lateral wear. There is a metal ring attached to the strap.

The collection is full of innovative style, decorated with candy-colored studs and female floral prints, highlighting Fendi’s whimsical craftsmanship. Inspired by the luxurious and sweet Rococo style, Queen Mary’s gorgeous palace, the spring colors of the Versailles gardens are all in the KanI series, each full of sweet luxury. Feeling it, don’t make a foot, eat an English afternoon tea, and run the Versailles garden and I am embarrassed to turn around.

Replica Fendi Handbags

The Kan I series introduces a new branch: “KAN I LOGO Series”, the F letters in the circle are concise and neat. In addition to the basic models without too much decoration, the Ken I LOGO bag with tassel decoration on the back of the show is not low, and it is casual and refined.

Kan I LOGO’s tassel bag not only shines on the show floor, but also is highly sought after outside the show. The size and size of the bag make this bag both single-back and hand-held; simple and clear logo match “Slightly boastful” tassels, the collision between Jane and the complex always wants people to see more eyes, there is no!

Replica Fendi Handbags

Going to Italy to participate in the 18 spring and summer Replica Fendi Handbags show Naza wearing Fendi pompom knit top + Fendi pompom pendant ankle boots and a pair of simple jeans, this set of more “street casual” mix is not particularly special High, but the bright red Kan I LOGO bag on the back, the handsome Naza instantly makes people shine.

Replica Fendi Handbags

“Lin sister” Jiang Mengyu can be said to be perfect in this nude pink Kan I LOGO bag: Replica Fendi Bags gray long-sleeved shirt with irregular hem shirt dress, portable nude pink Kan I LOGO bag with gentle temperament, Light and lively coexistence. The credit of the Kan I LOGO bag is not small! It should be worn in the cool autumn!


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