Replica Furla BOHEME Leather Three-piece Suit Shoulder Bag

When designing a big bag for girls, design, texture and price are all factors that must be considered. If there is a bag, the price can be fixed for a few thousand dollars, both classic and have a very good texture, it must be particularly perfect!

In fact, many of Replica Furla Handbags BOHEME Leather Three-piece Suit Shoulder Bags are the same. The most classic Metropolis is the first choice for many girls to enter the bag industry! This simple small square bag is very classic, versatile and stylish, and cost-effective, and has long been loved by many fashion people. Many girls may have already started Metropolis now, and what else is Furla worth buying?

Replica Furla Handbags

One of my favorites is Replica Furla Bags Bellaria. Simple lines and silhouettes have always been the common design style of the thousand yuan replica bag tote, but simple and beautiful looks are not easy. Simple and simple, although not reactive, it is difficult to attract attention, and Bellaria is not only very fashionable, but also has a detailed design that can be compared with the million replica bag tote, very eye-catching.

Replica Furla Handbags

One of Bellaria’s biggest highlights is the horseshoe buckle design that combines sporty elements with fashion elements. The new season’s Replica Furla Handbags is based on the concept of sports as a fashion element, so the new design looks full of energy and full of vitality! Inspired by rock climbing hooks, the buckles are exquisite, especially with the combination of heavy brass and double buckles, especially with a vintage taste. In the middle of the double buckle, the words “FURLA” are engraved, which is very effective, but it does not appear high-profile on such conspicuous locks.

Replica Furla Handbags

The overall shape also continues the clean and clean silhouette of Metropolis, although Bellaria’s overall feel is square, and the edge of the Replica Furla Bags is designed to be very soft. The different colors of leather are combined and stitched in a sheet form, which visually emphasizes the spatial and three-dimensional sense of Bellaria, so it does not look monotonous and very different.

Replica Furla Handbags

The adjustable shoulder strap design is also very intimate, especially the belt buckle that can be punched by itself, which is very convenient. And the leather shoulder strap design and the overall body feel is very strong, and the back is also very comfortable. Adjusting the length of the shoulder strap can create a different back, whether it is a shoulder, a crossbody or even a clutch, it is not a problem, elegant and very individual. In terms of color, in addition to the color of the pig liver red and white, there is also a handsome black, elegant gray and cute and lively yellow. Size’s selection range is also very flexible, and the different gas styles created by Size are not the same.


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  • Price - 75%
  • Style - 75%
  • Practical - 80%
  • Space - 80%
  • Total Score 79%
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