Replica Hermes Constance Cross Body Bag Coffee Cow Leather Ladies

Replica Hermes Constance Cross Body Bag

Mention of Hermes, we first think in my mind is the old nobility of Hermes, Hermes Platinum package, Hermes kelly package. Indeed, these two series of Hermes bags in the eyes of the world is big on performance. However, we have overlooked one thing Constance Adams package. But this series of bags Hermes bags in emerging aristocracy. Hermes Constance bag is one of the classic Hermes Hermes bag, which was born in 1969, with its creators Catherine Chaillet newborn daughter named! Constance hermes replica steins Constance bag with a shoulder strap, compact and easy to carry, much of the “H” shaped bag buckle is its most obvious sign.

Replica Hermes Constance Cross Body Bag

There, Replica Hermes bag made out of leather is the choice made of high quality leather, the most common and most classic Hermes Constance bag is Ms. luxurious purple alligator mini shoulder bag of Constance. This bag is manufactured using the higher of the alligator, but also in the style of the design conforms to the trend of the times, is a diagonal shoulder the bag. This shape of the bag, whether in single-back, or on the diagonal, are able to meet different needs. And the whole bag designer one kind of mini. Ideal for simple travel. The most important point is that the price of this package is not very expensive HermesConstance Adams, however, is not cheap, very suitable for red carpet events attended goods. KELLY partakers inside and outside seam joints, but no BIRKIN. However, a distinction hard BIRKIN bag & soft pack is the problem of the cortex & Manufacturing methods. Kelly stitch inside and outside, soft inside joints, stiff joints outside. size is 25,28,32,35CM.

Replica Hermes Constance Cross Body Bag

lizard lizard skin, like a very special special skin, because the relationship between the surface of the small scales that look like shining like diamonds. Completely waterproof, so although the “old” feature is good, still have to pay attention to maintenance to avoid the water, otherwise it will flake off. Ostrich ostrich, the most common special leather, all of these in the lightest leather, very durable, and hit the water without a problem. After a few years will become more soft, but still maintain the shape. Is entirely genuine leather bag is the same, the whole middle of the skin to produce leather, genuine bag fully meet the requirements of the materials used. Feel, gloss, texture, everything is exactly the same and the real thing!

Replica Hermes Constance Cross Body Bag
1. Handle: Birkin Bag is two handles, Kelly is a handle, and is equipped with a shoulder strap.

2. Size: Birkin size more than Kelly, Kelly basically small size, capacity is very small.

3. Leather: Kelly Birkin leather material to be stiffer than the comparison quite real, but Birkin relatively soft bag shape will look very casual.

Replica Hermes Constance Cross Body Bag

Because Kelly’s relatively small size, it will pass out of the elegant feel quite the same, most of the more formal occasions will appear in its presence, in the eyes of a woman it is a hardcore handbag. Whether manually or Replica Hermes Birkin Bags, Kelly is disguising the production, but also have an internal bag craftsman’s signature. Kelly generally be applied within the outer seam and sew two ways. Wrap the inner seam will look very soft, then let out sew handbags looks crisp. Production (Kelly bag as many as 33 kinds of material, more than 209 kinds of colors. The most impressive than the designer Jean Paul Gaultier for Kelly bag interpretation .2010 winter series, the designers created a female version of Sherlock Holmes handsome image for the whole T station is full of strong but elegant tone in which Kelly bag shape has also been changed, became the focus of a mini size. and embody British style umbrella with a very interesting mosaic rivet which is also designed for the classic old into a fashionable street charm .2011 spring and summer, as the curtain call for the Jean Paul Gaultier at Hermes Herm├Ęs work, he designed the bold use of rattan, so precious Kelly bag elegant gift; processed into transparent texture of crocodile skin Kelly bag woman has even fanaticism and dreams hanging to the highest place.


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