Replica Saint Laurent Sunset Monogram Small Crocodile-Embossed Wallet on a Chain

YSL adds a new member to the classic Monogram collection called “Sunset”, featuring a three-dimensional shape and a silver metal logo on the flap, with a metal locking band, avant-garde style; A design color, leather style is the daily choice of matching.

Classic handbags series Monogram new members Sunset small bag, small and stylish appearance, bag with silver metal letters on the logo, coupled with metal lock chain, can be described as bold and avant-garde. And one of the sequins is even more impressive, whether attire or attend a rock party seems to be able to easily deal with.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Monogramme series is a classic YSL series, this Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Sunset Monogram Small Crocodile – Embossed Wallet on a Chain Blue Monogram me series represents a new style. Three-dimensional shape and with a rectangular magnetic clamshell design, flip the front pocket and two internal intervals to meet the requirements of the girls handbag partition. With delicate cowhide material, large silvery YSL logo luxury blessing, side and at the bottom accordion folds, is the popular organ design. This bag is medium in size and detachable shoulder strap.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

This bag has been quickly fashion bloggers, celebrities celebrity insight, to attend their major occasions and the trend of prosperity are not uncommon. More importantly, the design of the Sunset Cubic Quartet not only looks eye-catching, but also considerable capacity, practicality so that its value also soared.

Replica Saint Laurent Bags SUNSET Not to be missed SUNSET BAG in the MONOGRAM series represents a whole new style. Classic backpack new back method, showing a relaxed and natural shape and feel. Sunset handbag can be used as a shoulder bag or oblique bag, with medium and small two sizes, and activities of the belt and the rough belt two options, Ms. We can buy according to personal preference.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

MONOGRAM metal trim made of silver, suitable for everyday use. Classic backpack new back, showing a relaxed and natural shape and feel. Available in 2 sizes: S and M, with 2 shoulder straps: a sliding or thick leather shoulder strap and two shoulder straps, both for the shoulder and diagonal . Once launched, SUNSET bag models become classic, satisfying all your needs for a wallet while featuring a trendy look at chain packs. The bag is structured with a square flap, a front pocket and two internal compartments.

Replica Saint Laurent Handbags

Compared to the charming and elegant impression, this little personality, style of rebellion Replica Saint Laurent Handbags Sunset bag, but in many autumn and winter bags, get the public’s attention, also the first to use! Believe it out, it will certainly make the fashion model even more dazzling!


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  • Practical - 80%
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  • Total Score 82%
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