Valentino Lock Mini leather shoulder bag Tan

Replica Valentino Handbags understanding of the little partners estimated that the most impressive is the rainbow bag, rivets, rivets and so on. Especially Valentino rainbow series, if you really see a glance, certainly because this replica bag tote is not your sad!

However, this season’s Valentino is simply reborn, looks a bit D & G and gucci bagI shadow, but have to say that people really have a bright feeling. The Valentino’s inspiration comes from the African tribe, the bag is full of a variety of national patterns, also joined the tie-dyed, feathers, geometric patterns and other elements with the national flavor, and these Chinese clothing and barren and endless wilderness formation Strong contrast, but cleverly with the full, full of exotic. In addition to the wilderness, animals, houses, the majority of the film there have been many local tribal residents, so that the national theme is more prominent, I believe we will be impressed by the past.

Replica Valentino Bags launched in 2015, “My Rockstud” handbag series acclaimed, since the early autumn homeopathy to launch more theme patterns, the use of different colors of beads and nest nails and other materials to create a variety of natural patterns , superb craftsmanship. Valentino this black “My Rockstud” handbag single product whole body green, red and white egg cut gem, thick national wind. Shoulder strap can be removed, so both when the hand bag can also be a shoulder bag, very intimate.

Since rockstud available, I do not remember it before the replica bag tote length, it is estimated that it is difficult to find it, unless the shop to the ancient. From 2011 onwards, this bag will become everywhere, as long as a corner, there must be, to 2016, VALENTINO is still bored in rockstud to do all kinds of tricks, over and over again for the color, Change the handle friends, of course, last year also launched MY ROCKSTUD, there are many stars in use, but ROCKSTUD status still can not shake.

Valentino rivets replica bag tote once launched, it is fashionable It Girl who are popular in the pursuit of the stars, rivets cortical soft, with no eye-catching eye-catching warm color, even if the decoration of the tough metal rivets, still the original brand Feminine, and other replica bag totes rivets are not Rockstud. This bag is like a punk rebellious “little princess”, the appearance of how “strong”, the bones of the elegant did not change.

Because the skin is soft, but also open, this particularly good equipment. This year’s new is also good-looking not ~ a lot of metal color is used. Part of the rivets with black, red, white gem instead, with the black Baoshen formation contrast. Birds and insects are brought on the bag. Hollywood a large group of actresses are the fans of this series. Can be forced to force the goddess of the big cousin Jennifer Lawrence, dressed up scared to death, do not dressed when scared to death, so good to carry a rockstud 2016 spring and summer new. Height is only 156cm of the “legal beauty” Reese Witherspoon also have a black camel, saying that the proportion of foreigners is really good, the first small, wearing a flat repetition is also so can not see height,

Lock series has been a fashion bloggers and street shoot people’s favorite, simple but very wide but rigid and soft shape, high degree of creativity. In the classic series on the basis of the series, this year Valentino launched B-Rockstud Valentino Garavani chain Messenger bag, rivet elements to reduce the addition of turquoise and other precious stones elements coupled with a variety of ethnic patterns, unique flavor. Deer printing calfskin, embellished multicolor bead embroidery, fluffy tassels, with your pace shaking, really is very cute ~ denim fabric B-Rockstud Valentino Garavani, embellished multicolor butterfly embroidery, gold metal hardware to form a clear contrast , Leisure and bring their own gas.

This inlaid multi-color hollow leather composition Enchanted Wonderland pattern, with retro gold-plated metal hardware and multi-color convex round gem, thick ethnic customs. Feeling Replica Valentino Handbags on the Chinese market is also more and more attention, this year launched B-Rockstud Valentino Garavani part of the inspiration comes from China’s ink painting. Turquoise elements are used in a large number of Valentino’s various products within a single product, so that the bag is full of aura. There are some basic models, the addition of a large V tag, classic, but sometimes.


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