Yves Saint Laurent Lulu Bag Original Leather Bag

The name of this Replica Saint Laurent bag is called “Lulu”, the biggest feature of our site is the replica bag tote button like a two-letter “U” superimposed on the name from the Yves Saint Laurent in 1967 to create the cartoon image “LaVilaineLulu”. Lulu bag also has a small partner called “Lulu Bunny”, Bunny bag buckle is square, and some models will also have hairy decoration.

Yves Saint Laurent handbags how to? Replica Yves Saint Laurent handbags is a favorite of many big stars, Angelina – Julie, Kim Kardashian is its “fans”, whether it is shopping or to participate in activities, carrying or holding it wherever they go Let people shines. France’s famous luxury brand Saint Laurent launched the 2015 spring and summer series of new backpack, the appearance of classic and practical, replica bag colorful, not only cute cute dotted models, as well as romantic stars print, and highlight the wild beauty of the leopard paragraph backpack .

Replica Saint Laurent Bags spring and summer series of new backpack, Yves Saint Laurent Lulu Bag Original Leather Bag Black / Apricot 7137 shape and we are in high school by the back of the bag shape is basically the same, in front of a small pocket, and then is a large body pocket. One of the front pocket or bag body covered with a small wave point, playful and cute, so black backpack is no longer so boring and monotonous. Printed with a star pattern of black backpack like the stars in the night sky, romantic and beautiful. In addition, the Yves Saint Laurent also introduced a wild leopard models, abstract character printing section and personality and rough multiple pocket yellow brown backpack, see which one you like it. If you have the strength to buy, may wish to take away a decisive, absolutely let you use a comfortable and cozy.

If you are all full of black wardrobe, beige or dark line of wild accessories, then it is time to start a look very beautiful and very eye-catching luxury is very eye-catching Replica Saint Laurent Bags Lulu Bunny sequins bag is a very good choice. Aint Laurent Lulu Bunny Sequined bag made of sequined calfskin with a detachable shoulder strap, shiny and sparkling with a lavish eye-catching button! Push-button opening and closing of the body with the same color, the same shining, The whole into a unique sense. Lorenz Lulu Bunny sequins bag width and thickness of 17X10X4cm.

Why? Because you have to have a special occasion to get out of the accessories you get! For example, weddings, birthday parties and evening parties. Although the previous bag can also come in handy, but from time to time for a change in taste or style, reflecting your active personality. The Saint Laurent Lulu Bunny sequins bag is definitely your best choice. YSL Chinese name of Saint Laurent, is a famous French luxury brands, mainly fashion, skin care products, perfumes, bags, glasses, accessories and so on. Among them, the female replica bag tote often become a star out of the street or participate in activities, one of the essential accessories.

It is reported that the French fashion brand Saint Laurent handbag Sac de jour since 2013, quickly conquered Angelina – Julie the heavyweight fans. This bag is a classic version of St. Laurent, simple and meaningful design from the creative director Slimane’s handwriting. Saint Laurent handbag or simple, or charming, or complex … … almost all your fantasy bag, let you shuttle In the elegant, casual, sexy and reckless style, do maverick, distinctive fashion model! Recent night out movement, really feel the autumn, the cool wind of the clear play Body, which feels really good ah! Autumn and winter, do not hesitate, though Come on! . Saint Laurent this LULU shoulder bag has also recently put on a plush coat ready to meet this cold but not lonely autumn and winter. Echoing the bottom of the black leather, so that this layer of plush coat is not only full of seasonal feeling, more luxurious gorgeous.


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